• IAOHNS 2021

    7th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery


    November 26 – 28, 2021

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COVID-19 Update: With the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continuing to have a huge impact on face-to-face scientific meetings throughout the world, the organising committee of IAOHNS 2021 has decided to conduct the 7th Annual Conference online to enable all interested participants join the conference virtually.

Otorhinolaryngology and the North East India have had a similar trajectory. A mystery for those outside its sphere, for long both has evolved un-noticed, and have today very much exploded with multiple opportunities. And it is this synergy that IAOHNS 2021 plans to celebrate.

Like the diversity of the 8 states in the NE, our bouquet of pre-conference buffet delve to highlight the diversity of ENT by its high octane virtual workshops, each bringing out the progress achieved by our sub specialities.

The 3 days of the virtual conference will bring forth the true essence of Otorhinolaryngology, with sessions discussing from the very basics to the most advanced, from the mundane to the cerebral. It’s going to be an academic extravaganza for all.

And to do justice to this high claim, a plethora of national and international faculties, a virtual who’s who of our beloved subject will be present virtually to guide us in this adventure.

We, the organising team of IAOHNS 2021, welcome you all to this one time experience, promising you a journey filled with academic safaris and knowledge cruises.


Welcome all to IAOHNS 2021, the North East Beckons.


  • Dr Alessendro De Stephano (Italy)
  • Dr Badr E Mostafa (Egypt)
  • Dr Claudio Milstein (USA)
  • Dr Deepak Mehta (USA)
  • Dr Domingos Tsuji (Brazil)
  • Dr Gerard O’Donoghue (UK)
  • Dr Greg Randolph (USA)
  • Dr Ilter Denizoghlu (Turkey)
  • Dr Kyung Tae
  • Dr Lance Maron (South Africa)
  • Dr Mausami Samyal (USA)
  • Dr Narayan Preparagan (Malaysia)
  • Dr Neil Tolley (UK)
  • Dr Nirmal Kumar (UK)
  • Dr Nuri Ozgirgin (Turkey)
  • Dr Onur Celik (Turkey)
  • Dr Peter Baptista (Spain)
  • Dr Ravi Elluru (USA)
  • Dr Renato Cal (Brazil)
  • Dr Shyan Vijayasekaran (Australia)
  • Dr Sohit Kanotra (USA)
  • Dr Soumit Das Gupta (UK)
  • Dr TK. Venkatesan MD
  • Dr Vennila
  • Dr Vinidh Palleri (UK)
  • Dr Wei Chung Hsu (Taiwan)
  • Dr Yogesh Neopaane (Nepal)
  • Mr Alwyn D Souza (UK)
  • Mr Baskaran Ranganathan (UK)
  • Mr Christopher McDonald (UK)
  • Ms Catrin Evans
  • Prof Devyani Lal
  • Prof Michael Friedman MD
  • Prof Tim Woolford (UK)
  • Dr Abhishek Vaidya
  • Dr Achal Gulati
  • Dr Ajith Nilkanthan
  • Dr Ajoy Mathew
  • Dr Alok Karulkar
  • Dr Alok Thakar
  • Dr Ameet V Kishore
  • Dr Amitava Roy Choudhary
  • Dr Anagha Joshi
  • Dr Anbu Chezhian
  • Dr Anil D Cruz
  • Dr Anirban Biswas
  • Dr Anjana Sharma
  • Dr Apoorva Salguti
  • Dr Asim Desai
  • Dr Bhavin Parekh
  • Dr Biswajit Gogoi
  • Dr Biswarup Mukherjee
  • Dr Deepa Shivnani
  • Dr Deepak Haldipur
  • Dr Deepak Sarin
  • Dr Dipankar Datta
  • Dr Dwaipaiyan Mukherjee
  • Dr E V Raman
  • Dr Gaurav Medikeri
  • Dr Gauri Madan Kapre
  • Dr Gautam Khaund
  • Dr Gyan Ranjan Nayak
  • Dr H Vijayendra
  • Dr Hetal Marfatia Patel
  • Dr Imtiaz Qazi
  • Dr Jayakumar Menon
  • Dr Jayanta Daas
  • Dr Jayanth Kumar
  • Dr K K Handa
  • Dr K. K. Thankappan
  • Dr M N Baruah
  • Dr M V Kirtane
  • Dr Madan Kapre
  • Dr Madhuri Mehta
  • Dr Maha Mayaprasad Singh
  • Dr Manish Munjal
  • Dr Manoj Agarwal
  • Dr Manoj Manikoth
  • Dr Mittul Bhatt
  • Dr Mohan Jagade
  • Dr Mohnish Grover
  • Dr Naina Picardo
  • Dr Nandu Kolwadkar
  • Dr Narayan Jaishankar
  • Dr Naresh Panda
  • Dr Navin Patel
  • Dr Neelam Vaid
  • Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta
  • Dr Nilotpal Dutta
  • Dr Nishit Shah
  • Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar
  • Dr P Arun
  • Dr P S N Murthy
  • Dr Paramita Chakraborty
  • Dr Pawan Singhal
  • Dr Pirabu Sakthivel
  • Dr Prajakatha Golhar
  • Dr Prasun Mishra
  • Dr Prathamesh Pai
  • Dr Preemalatha
  • Dr Pushkar Kasat
  • Dr Pushkar Lele
  • Dr Radhika Sonate
  • Dr Raghunandhan Sampath
  • Dr Rahul Modi
  • Dr Rajesh Vishwakarma
  • Dr Rajesh Yadav
  • Dr Rakesh Katna
  • Dr Ramandeep Virk
  • Dr Ranjini Raghavan
  • Dr Ravi Kannan
  • Dr Renuka Bradoo
  • Dr Rohit Bhatia
  • Dr Rupali Jain
  • Dr S Vidyadharan
  • Dr Sam Deendayal
  • Dr Sandeep Bansal
  • Dr Sanjay Munjal
  • Dr Sanjay Sachdeva
  • Dr Sashikanth Limbachiya
  • Dr Satish Jain
  • Dr Saumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay
  • Dr Seemab Shaikh
  • Dr Senthil Vadivu Arumugam
  • Dr Shamit Chopra
  • Dr Shawn Joseph
  • Dr Shenal Kothari
  • Dr Srinivas Dorasala
  • Dr Srinivas Kishore
  • Dr Subir Jain
  • Dr Subramania Iyer
  • Dr Sujai Jayprakash
  • Dr Sunita Chapola
  • Dr Surajit Barman
  • Dr T. N. Janakiram
  • Dr Thirunavukkarasu
  • Dr Vidyasagar R
  • Dr Vijaya Krishnan P
  • Dr Vikash Agarwal
  • Dr Vikram Kekatpure
  • Dr Vikram Khanna
  • Dr Vivek Sasindran
  • Lt Gen (Retd) Venkatesh
  • Prof AK Agarwal
  • Prof Rakesh Datta
  • Prof Ranjan Ray Choudhury
  • Prof Sunil Narayan Dutt
  • Prof Suresh Chandra Sharma


Where is the conference venue?

The conference is being hosted online (virtual) and conference details will be shared individually with each delegate before the conference.

What about existing registration?

Delegates who had registered earlier for the physical conference, the difference in amount will be refunded back to your bank account. Our team will contact each delegate individually for this refund.

What payment types do you accept?

All Indian currency payments are processed via PayUMoney. You may also pay at the time of event. But please reserve your seat by registering online.

Can I get a refund on my registration?

Cancellations and Refunds will be allowed as per policy. Please visit the Cancellation Policy page for more details.


Dr Gautam Khaund

Organising Chairman
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Dr Kuddush Ahmed

Scientific Committee

Dr Vivek Agarwal

Organising Secretary
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Dr Mahamaya P Singh

+91 98469-29308

Dr Surajit Barman

Joint Org. Secretary
+91 94351-11033

Dr Biswajit Gogoi

Joint Org. Secretary
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Nightingale Hospital
GMC Hostel Road, Kachari Basti Road
Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781005


For any enquiry or information about certificates, registration, sponsorship and partnerships, contact us via email or submit the form.



November 26-28, 2021